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The Mountain

Macaw Mates - Adult Unisex T-Shirt

Macaw Mates - Adult Unisex T-Shirt

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Dude Macaw to his wingman: Hey bro, I really dig her large beak.
Chick Macaw to her posse: Oooh, check out the colors on that one's feathers!

Yes, we imagine animals are just as ridiculous as we are when it comes to checking out the opposite sex, and if we could hear this duo talk, we're certain we'd be highly entertained by their chatter. No matter what's gone down, the two gorgeous birds on the Macaw Mates T-Shirt, designed by Carol Cavalaris, have found each other and seem quite happy. Perhaps a someone special will give you a Yeah, birdie so you too can score a little canoodling tonight. Just don't fall out of the tree in your bird tee.

  • Pre-Shrunk, Medium Weight, 100% Cotton,
  • Relaxed, Classic Fit
  • Hand-Dyed and Printed Using Soft, Non-Toxic Water-Based Inks
  • Reinforced Double-Stitching On All Seams
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