FREE Shipping On All Orders!
FREE Shipping On All Orders!

About Us - Why Shop With Animal Pride?

At AnimalĀ Prideā„¢ we love animals! We are a collection of pet parents who put an equal amount of passion and dedication into our business as we do with our pets, aiming to offer the largest selection of high qualityĀ pet & animal inspired apparel for people.

AĀ percentage of the sales from are donated to support various animal causes. Please sign up on our homepageĀ under the "Join The Pride" banner to learn more about our charitable efforts.

We also support artists.Ā We source many of our amazing graphics from artists and believe that by focusing on quality apparelĀ and partnering with great artists we will be able to create inspiring products that people love and remember.

Our mission is simple. We want to build that same level of trust and love with our customers by always considering the customer first and striving to do more, everyday.

We strive to offer the best selection of animal inspired apparel for people at our website,, and to be a major supporter ofĀ animalĀ welfare organizations.

AnimalĀ Prideā„¢ is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. To reach us, please email

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